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@sorceress looks like a Fokker Eindecker!
One of the early enemy aircraft in the game.
There are some recognisable features, but not sure about the points behind the aircraft. I thought they could’ve been related to the smoke polys (that appear when planes are shot down), or maybe something to do with hitboxes?
But I really LOVE this point cloud gif.
Seeing something recognisable from my past, in an abstract way, it feels like opening Tutankhamun’s tomb and finding his fingerprints on a cup 😉
For those that know the game, this would make a great quiz – guess the object!
Maybe the patterns/colours are kept in a different file, although @kdrnic’s code did seem to contain colour information?
The game is about 1Mb and is available on freeware/abandonware sites, if you wanted to see the rest of the files (Or I could post it here? Not sure if posting whole games is ok?)
Anyway, thanks so much for showing me familiar things in interesting ways 🙂