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Thanks for all the advice – it was definitely helpful. I played through the game last weekend and seriously enjoyed myself. It’s perilously close to being a bit of a classic. Going back and playing games I know is fun enough but the best times I’ve had with DOS game club is finding something like this that I missed out on. The atmosphere put me in mind of Another World in some ways which is high praise from me.

I bought this when it was new and remember playing it quite a bit but not being too struck with it back then. The start of the game is punishing with the dubious control system, open world and constant combat. It pushes the player away when they are trying to figure out how things work. If you can break through that barrier, it’s actually a really well designed game. It was near enough always clear what I needed to do next and not frustrating in the same way as Alone In The Dark because of it. It’s also very short but this arguably works in it’s favour, I probably got through in 2-3 hours.

For anyone struggling at the start, the main trick I found to combat is that you need to dodge a blow with the dodge key (5) and then strike if you find yourself getting constantly pummelled before you can land a hit yourself. The combat is actually really simple when you get used to it.