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I am really struggling to get started. Minor spoilers ahead… fair warning, but hoping one of the pro’s here can give me a nudge in the right direction or something to focus on first.

First thing I’ve done was find this girl’s teddy and give it back to her. She ran off into a dungeon below a church in which I couldn’t follow her because the opening was too small. A wizard transformed me into a frog so I used that to go into the dungeon but nothing useful was down there…

Reloaded a save because I couldn’t figure out if I could unfroggify myself. I found a pretty cool ring of stones that talked and said I needed a relic and a magic book… Guessing I’ll have to remember that later.

I brought a drunk into a store, but the werewolf tore down the door and beat me to death…

Just wandering around aimlessly getting my butt kicked by EVERYTHING haha! Someone give me a quest! eg. “Focus on doing this next Shattered!”