Reply To: Favourite Jokes?


I just completed another playthrough, paying special attention to the jokes, with this thread in mind.

I really can’t tell you what my favourite one is, there are so many great ones. What struck me most is the joke density, it’s nuts! Almost every line has something funny in it. The overall story and situations are pretty funny to begin with of course. And on top of the funny lines, there’s also a lot of physical humour, with goofy animations and sound effects.

Honestly the whole game feels like one big joke. One of my favourite moments is near the end of the game, when you have managed to retrieve your 3 kids back to the present day. It feels like you’ve won, but actually you’ve achieved nothing. And literally the first thing Dr. Fred suggests is that you perform the original plan by going back in time to yesterday, which is how you got into this whole mess in the first place! Haha, that’s really great to me.

A scene I really found hilarious when I first played this as a kid was breaking the snacks machine using the crowbar. You get covered in a giant stack of coins and Bernard then goes on to inspect every single one of them to check what year they’re from. I still find that funny now.

What I also got me laughing back then, was how Bernard says “Ted is red. See red Ted.” when you paint Ted the mummy red as he’s standing outside. I have no idea what I was thinking or why I thought it was so funny about it. Maybe just how dumb it is, I don’t know.

There’s also a lot of stuff that went right over my head then, but I do understand now. That’s why replaying this game is cool, because honestly there is a lot going on in this game. For instance all the American history stuff in Hoagie’s timeline. Apparently this is all common knowledge for Americans, but I had no idea. There’s apparently a sort of legend about George Washington cutting down a cherry tree. And John Hancock’s signature on the declaration of independence is so large, that to this day a “John Hancock” is used as a synonym for a signature.

I also love how it just keeps on going, cracking jokes right up until the very last screen, after Bernard says “Looks like everything’s back to normal!” and they raise the American flag, which is now a tentacle.