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Mayor Wan got elected in 1920, with a platform focused on resolving the imminent power shortage issue – he indeed promised to switch the city entirely to hydroelectric energy by the end of his office.

Right at the start of his office, the Mayor launched a controversial tax program, notably increasing property taxes to %10, and heavily drawing from financial companies. “We really need that money guys”, said the mayor in a satisfying explaination.

In the early years, large investments have been put towards developing hydroelectric power, but the costs made the switch go much slower than planned. Investments have also been made in the Micropolis area, with among other things the creation of the Sakamoto High School.

The second part of the mandate gave life to a brand new area called La Plagette, aiming to make the “North bank great again”. It consisted in a long beach filled with light residential areas, and attractive buildings such as a marina, to which the mayor gave his name.

The final situation of the city was mixed, as taxes refrained the city development, especially for industries. “Sorry guys here you go”, announced Wan in early 1924 as he lowered the taxes a bit. Oil-based power station was still running at 79% Capacity (down from 93%) as of 1925. “My project was a complete success”, assured Wan, “don’t listen to the fake news!”

End of 1924 Status
Population: 14,240
Treasury: $1,052
Projected income: $1,016
Mayor’s approval rating: 56%