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@TigerQuoll: This thread from 2005 looks interesting regarding where the MM files are hidden within DOTT.
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I just found a Maniac Mansion Deluxe Edition with updated graphics for free download available. It’s a fan made remake, I assume made with Lucasfilm’s blessing. Unfortunately it seems to be from that era between DOS and modern gaming (eg. Win XP) where it is a huge hassle to get anything running. I’ve been trying for a half hour and haven’t had much luck.

I’ve also been playing the NES version. I feel like this is way more fun than the version within DOTT. It has great music, every character has their own theme song, and the characters don’t look like weird bobble head parodies. It also lists interactable items as you cursor over them which is my biggest frustration with the PC version.

I could use some more signposting. I beat the game as a kid but I don’t remember too much. It seems like I’m just wandering around trying to figure out what to do next.