Reply To: Maniac Mansion


Thanks Firefyte, I got it working with your encouragement. I also had to change the resolution running the included winsetup command. I think this is the way I’ll complete my first playthrough. It has music (although more like DOTT music than the NES MM) and much better mouse controls. It took me less than 10 minutes to pass where I spent an hour playing on the NES emulator moving the cursor around with arrow keys. It’s so awkward and often the commands don’t register so I repeatedly have to arrow the cursor back down to the bottom and then back up to the item to redo the command.

Tijn, if you’re reading this I’m curious which characters you took with you. I’m using Razor and of course Bernard. I found it amusing he runs away from the green tentacle the first time he runs into him. I’m also totally noticing that the NES version doesn’t have the naked statues or topless calendar after reading your article. And for some reason Nintendo changed “brains sucked out” to “your brains removed”.