Reply To: Remastered edition


I beat the remastered edition this afternoon. Felt pretty lucky, I don’t normally get a lazy afternoon of video games any more as a father but the weather’s not great outside and the kids seemed content to watch and play. I forgot about the few “damn”s in it, but they didn’t really notice.

I checked Steam and the last time I’d played through the game was in Jan 2017 which was recent enough to be able to play through the entire game without being stuck. I couldn’t find the black cat or the extension cord for about 10 minutes, but other than that the game was basically muscle memory. There were definitely parts that I knew the solution to, but didn’t really remember why they needed to be done that way. I knew Hoagie had to mail a letter, but wasn’t sure why it wouldn’t work in the present or what tells you that it wouldn’t work. Anyone else know that part?

I’d occasionally switch the rendering to the original version but my daughter would pretty quickly notice and yell “Dad! Put it back! It’s all squarey!” This new generation has no appreciation for the classics I tell you. 🙂