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Revisiting after decades and I forgot the little innovations: enemies rolling to dodge, playing dead, begging for their lives, breakable glass, independent gib sprites (Doom baked them all into same, single enemy sprite), level structure can move horizontally, homing weapons, 11 person multiplay, etc. And now knowing it was meant to be a Wolfenstein sequel totally explains the odd uniforms that perplexed me as a kid.

Otherwise, yeah, level design is weak, it’s too easy to kill oneself with rockets (was I *that* close to the corner?), no mouse look and no high resolution apart from janky ports, weak plot, and inconsistent art styles all drag it down.

Honestly it feels like a rushed game without any strong vision. It’s a sometimes fun romp that can’t really compete in a crowded market. But back in the day there was so little competition, we played what we could and learned to appreciate the good parts.