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There’s WinROTT and something called rottexpr that I couldn’t get to work, and also the GOG version of the game is pretty well packaged. I’ve tried WinROTT and it seems pretty broken on Windows 10 – It always runs fullscreen with the window title and menu bar visible, and the resolution selection doesn’t work properly.

I’d say the best way to play it is the GOG version, which includes some helpful utils to play COMM-BAT games via DOSBox’s IPX tunneling if you care about that.

I’ve not found any accelerated versions, but I doubt the game would really benefit much from that. I think it would make the limitations of the Wolf3D engine rather more obvious…

Edit: I just tried the more recent WinRottAPI which is supposed to be for Windows 64 bit machines and it doesn’t feel right at all. Movement is very juddery on my machine at 1024×768, and the window is too small for the game screen so it gets cropped on the right and bottom edge. The WinROTTGL version doesn’t work at all with missing DLL errors for me, I guess it needs some OpenGL DLLs I don’t have. Stick with DOSBox!