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*minor spoilers*
Finished as well. What a great game to play for the club. Not too long, not frustratingly difficult, but still engaging throughout.

The actions for each territory were very repetitive but they were easy enough that I didn’t mind that much. I thought the worst part of the game was the maze, but I got in and out of it pretty quickly without needing to map it so it wasn’t too terrible.

Loved the soundtrack. The graphics were a bit dated but it was still interesting to watch. When my kids were with me, they yelled at me if I skipped a transition scene even if we’d seen it a dozen times already.

Funny you mentioned Myst, firefyte. My first impression was that it was going to be a lot like Myst based on moving around the first free screens. But it was more like an interactive movie than a head scratching puzzler.

Hoping we’ll play Dune some day if it’s anything like this.