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My first impressions:
I settled down with a tasty beer as promised and gave this game a good hour or so on my Pentium I machine.
So, I think I’m glad I’ve gone in with the expectations I did. I’m approaching it more as an interactive movie, and I’m finding myself quite immersed.
There were a couple of spots so far where the writing was so bad I nearly quit, but I pushed through and I’m glad I did. (I’ve just finished the first section in the citadel)
The music, as mentioned, is absolutely awesome. Although I’m hoping there will be more than the three or four tracks I’ve heard so far in the rest of the game.
The setting and story are intriguing, and I appreciate the experimentation the developers have done with the mechanics. There’s some great ideas in there, albeit a bit rough around the edges.
I’m giving it a rest for tonight, but I’ll definitely give it another go tomorrow.