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I’m missing 2 points also – curious to know where. I think I played these games back when we did Nitemare 3D some years ago. Can’t say I remember them all that well but enough to know about that ridiculous hidden path to nowhere between the two rocks in the cellar.

The biggest problem I had this time around was figuring out what the hell was in the bedroom cupboard on the 1st floor. The game refused to tell me and I’m supposed to know it’s a mask for some reason. I thought it was some sort of bag for a while, then maybe a severed head, took ages before I guessed the right word.

I’m struggling to see the love for Hugo myself. I mean it’s passably good fun for what it is but this was essentially a very poor Sierra clone that lasts about 30 minutes. At $40 to register the 3 games, it’s about as expensive as those Sierra games. The worst SCI game I can think of (Codename Iceman) would be way better value.

That said the opening screen outside the house is kind of iconic. I remember seeing that all over shareware publications even if I didn’t play the game back then. The fact that one (presumably young and inexperienced) guy did all this on his own from scratch is somewhat impressive but ignoring that aspect it’s a bit naff overall. I could forgive it, if the price was less but there were a myriad of better adventure games on offer at the same time. Maybe if parts 2 & 3 are much longer it might be justifiable.

I did think for a minute this had to be the worst DGC game so far but then I remembered we did Rise Of The Robots so it’s not even close.