Reply To: Hugo 2: Whodunit? Impressions


I agree with all the above. This game was way longer than the original at least but I wish it wasn’t as a lot of the design was just awful. That ******* bridge and matches – I ended up replaying most of the game because I didn’t know the matches had gotten wet until later and was foolish enough to think it must be a puzzle on how to dry them again when I did notice. That included playing the whole maze again. It took me about 10 minutes of reloads to successfully walk across a bridge when did I realise what to do. The collision detection is horrible, and the walking animation jerky as hell to rub it in. I honestly can’t think of a worse mechanic in any adventure game. Then there was a lecherous gardener who has to be frightened off with garlic breath! A needless maze with crucial items placed at the furthest reaches. Woman eating venus fly traps (with the same god awful and seemingly arbitrary collision detection). Dead ends around every corner. Who comes up with this stuff and thinks it’s fun? Part one was short and silly but nowhere near as frustrating. Part 2 has achieved the impossible and was quite definitely worse than Rise Of The Robots.

I thought I’d played the whole series before but I must have only done part 1 before now as I have no recollection of any of this. On to part 3 I guess.