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I wouldn’t say it’s too bad but you may find it’s harder than you think later on. Without giving too much away, there is an item you need to get right at the start in order to finish the game. It’s cruelly easy to miss through no real fault of your own.

I’ve finished the VGA SQ1 and 2 this morning. These games are amazingly brief going back to them. I really enjoyed the 50’s sci-fi style artwork for the SQ1 remake and the MT-32 soundtrack adds a lot. I prefer it to the original going back after all this time.

As for the fan-made SQ2 VGA, it’s not quite as good but still extremely well produced for a fan-game. It’s faithful to the original so there weren’t too many surprises on the way. It did contain a complete remake of Trolls Tale (by Al Lowe) as an arcade game late in the game – that I definitely didn’t expect. Knowing all the puzzles is a problem with these fan remakes, you get through them in no time. A new game from these guys would have been way more fun. Speaking of which, it’s Space Quest – The Lost Chapter next which takes place between SQ2 and 3 apparently.