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Welcome back, sorceress, and thanks for sharing! I always love hearing people’s nostalgic stories about video games. I wish my home room at high school had been a computer room 😉

I was afraid of sharing my thoughts on this game so far. I feel like I’ve been overly critical of everything lately, and that I’m probably missing something with Quake since it’s so popular. But you have said basically everything I’ve thought about the game – the poor balance and design of weapons and enemies, the monotonous colour scheme, etc.
The fact that somebody that has been playing this game since it came out can see these flaws makes me think it’s not just me being picky!

Still, I can see why the game is and was so popular. It plays remarkably modern – with just a slight tweak of the controls you can almost forget this game is 25 years old. It’s just so smooth, and it sells the genuine 3D environments really well.
Apparently the true joy in this game is in the multiplayer. While I’ve never liked multiplayer shooters, I think I’m going to give it a shot this month with the club.

I like that text file you linked. It’s a really interesting to get into John Carmack’s mind a bit.
Do you have any videos or demos of your runs, Sorceress? I quite enjoy watching that sort of thing 🙂