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I’ve ordered the original CD version from eBay to play on one of my old machines. Until that arrives I’ve been playing the demo version through DosBox on my linux PC and… Hoo boy!
I don’t know why, but this particular setup is BUGGY! The most noticable (and hilarious) bug happens with the Spawn – half the time they load with the wrong assets and become a floating head or ammo box, flying around and attacking you. Other than that, I’m getting elevators that clip through you and gun graphics vanishing.

As fun as all that is, I’m getting a little tired of being soft locked. I guess I could install the shareware episode on my Pentium machine, but for the sake of science I’m going to try Quakespasm, mainly because I want a more “vanilla” experience.
So far I’ve had little luck with it though. It supposedly supports the Shareware version, but it keeps insisting I need a file called pak1.pak, which I understand to be the data from the full version…