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I started a casual game of Quake a few years back, playing on Easy in DOSBox. Got bored and stopped somewhere in the middle of the third episode. Now I decided to try to complete it while it’s game of the month. 😁 Didn’t quite get there – still have a few E4 levels to go, let’s see if I can finish up tonight.

Still, I like Quake more than Quake II. The levels are short, which makes it easier to divide the game into small chunks. Important for someone like me, who doesn’t generally have lots of consecutive play time. The monsters have more variety to them too.

Edit: yes, I did finish it last night. The penultimate E4 level (The Pain Maze) was 100% true to its name. The most annoying level in the game – even on Easy. I must have not figured out the proper way of playing through it.