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Honestly most of the mechanics of this game are pretty frustrating haha

It is true that the save/load system is quite unintuitive. It mostly just auto-saves and you have to assume it will be ok? I have the GOG-version too and I have hard time believing the original was like this, but I can’t remember.

I think some general tips to play/enjoy the game:
– Take it very slow
– Don’t run if you don’t have to
– Plan your moves
– Sneaking is good
– Avoid direct confrontations if you can
– Running away is fine
– Running past an enemy is fine too

That being said, you do get more powerful as the game progresses, so do the tables do turn as you get further into the game. By the end you’re pretty bad-ass haha

All in all it is a frustrating game, and you will likely do some sections over dozens of times. But if you can somehow get into it, then there is a lot to enjoy here. The world, the characters, the story, it is really quite good. Just don’t expect to breeze through it, because it will bite you.