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After playing for a little bit more things come back to mind.

– Food is heavy, get used to the “Throw rations away” screen.
– If you want to enjoy the game fully, it is better to be generous the first time your sense of gratitude is challenged 🙂
– The first cellar has rather tough fights, it’s better to leave the house before going in there, and spend money to get combat training, as you don’t actually better at anything when you just level up (DnD style).
– The merchant of various goods has a chest lying next to her, manipulating it prompts you if you want to buy exotic weapons for 45 gold. This is probably the best investment you can do early on in the game (ideally before you even go to the first cellar).
– Merchants don’t have the same buy/sell prices, and they have limited space. It is sometimes useful to buy a cheap object just to be able to sell stuff for more money.
– Specifically I would recommend to keep space for the various monster Trii at the weapons merchant, who gives most gold for them, as you will be bringing these by the dozen.