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Hello and happy holidays too! I’ll try to assist you in your journey as best as I can:

– My party is constantly tired and even getting damage from being exhausted. I couldn’t afford a night at the inn, and I understand you can rest outside, but all I can do is press “wait”. Why? I tried interacting with the beds but no avail.

You cannot sleep in cities, so the only thing you can do is wait. You can however sleep outside Jirinaar, and in the hunters’ clan building too, for free. In these locations, the “Wait” button changes to “Rest”.

– Navigation seems excruciating. Only in the 3D view there’s a map and you can thankfully fast-travel. All building interiors look the same only adding to the confusion. Where the hell is that first dungeon the murderer flees off to?

You get used to it. 😉 The first dungeon is located outside the city (I think some iskai talk about it), and you can ask a herder outside the city for directions. Or, if you don’t mind “cheating”, you can take a look at the Nakiridaani map (and I recall someone on this forum also recorded a video how to get there.

– Should I step outside the city gates? I wandered around in the jungle a while and it’s vast, and I of course got lost again! And then killed. And again. And again. I forgot to grab that pistol so I don’t have access to it. Combat seems fumbling about too: should I make the humans close-ranged fighters? If not, where can I get a bow or so?

Definitely! There should be some weapons and healing drinks back at the hunters’ clan house, in the location where you woke up (and in the cellar too), I think, so that may help. As for training your humans, focus on using Tom and Drirr for combat, and either leave Rainer behind or use him as a meat shield. You can definitely survive without the pistol (I never used it even though I got it) but it takes some training, and getting some Morrowind-style hit and miss from early combat is expected.

– I’ve been stealing a lot of cutlery since that can be sold to get that “exotic weapon” for 45gp. Any other ways to make money?

The loot from krondir and warniak can be also sold for some gold. If you are okay with abusing glitches, you can also steal items from shops if you are moving towards the counter and right-click to select them (the range expands somewhat if you time it right).

– Should I invest all skill points when going to the combat trainer or hold of to train other stuff somewhere else, god knows where? This game’s explanation of mechanics is so very obtuse!

Honestly I am not sure, I haven’t concerned myself with training that much. However there are not that many trainers out there anyway, so feel free to spend the points if you want to.

Healing: I drink up a lot of those medkit potions but there’s limited supply, what’s the alternative?

You can get healing points from Rejira (in the Dji-Kas building) for free sometimes, when you exit the dialog. You can repeat this an unlimited number of times, so you can pretty much stack up with the however you want.