Reply To: Thoughts


I’ve never used a gravis gamepad (although for some reason I really wanted one as a kid), so I have no comparison, but maybe my offbrand gamepad is a particularly good one. I’ve had no issues with it in the least. It feels just as accurate, responsive and satisfying as if I were playing something on the SNES.
(Is now a good time to confess I never had a SEGA as a kid, and have barely played 5 minutes of Sonic in my life?)
That being said, the keyboard still feels better for DOS gaming in most instances. I decided to use the gamepad for Jazz mainly out of irony, given how heavily the gravis is promoted in the game!

But yes, I have to agree about the music – it’s pretty awesome!

For the record, look how much cooler my controller looks than the gravis gamepad:
Yes, it’s an even more shameless ripoff of the SNES controller than the gravis, but in the best possible way.