Reply To: Thoughts


When I was younger, I always chose easier difficulties, but try tougher ones nowadays, so I tried turbo, but fell back on hard when I kept dying over and over in the first level. Even on hard, I’ve died a lot — it seemed almost unreasonable how enemies would just appear almost out of nowhere in Tubelectric, causing me to seemingly inevitably get hit many times.

I loved this game when I was younger, but now I see the gameplay is flawed because it’s too easy to run into enemies. Ancient Dos Games pointed out that the biggest flaw in Monster Bash was the level design, and I feel Jazz Jackrabbit has the same issue.

The levels themselves might not be that memorable, but I always found the backgrounds and music memorable. I think the charm they give the game is a big reason I always liked it. I always thought it was neat how One Must Fall was advertised in levels like Industrius. I always liked the comic in the manual. Jazz being on his own in his own ship always reminded me of the cartoon Captain Buzz Cheaply (not sure if I got the full version of the game before it aired).

I feel the game was a neat idea, and has charm, but the level and gameplay design were a bit flawed. There are a bunch of levels I have never played — I never came close to beating the game. Even this month, I haven’t gotten past the first episode (I have died a lot on hard).