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Both are coded in C, with some hand written ASM when needed.

Gold Mine Run! uses DJGPP (32-bit, needs DOS extender); the source is available: — and I made the game mostly on twitch, the videos are available here:

Traxtor was coded for GCC IA16 (it is a 16-bit game). In this case there’s little ASM and mostly for the CGA; see:

In both games I tried to make the game as smooth as possible on the target machine, and turns out the IBM PC/XT was easier than the 386! Probably because the CGA is 4bpp so there’s less data to move around.

EDIT: actually, let me clarify a bit 😀 The CGA game is simpler, and that’s a factor as well. For example: it doesn’t use masked sprites and all the drawing is byte aligned. The VGA is also moving more things on the screen at the same time.