Reply To: Things to Watch Out For


My main tip for this is to make full use of all the charging weapons. You’ll build up quite a number of these weapons that need a time to recharge after each shot but they continue to charge while in the inventory so conserving ammo is often about rotating between all these weapons. The number keys swap weapons based on what inventory slot they are in from what I recall.

If you are on original hardware and having to set the game up yourself, note that it’s playable in 640×480 resolution but the game does a good job of hiding this option. From what I recall, you have to actually start a game then cycle through modes with the F6 key. There is a also making of video hidden in the main menu.

There are a ton of mazes in the game. It does give you maps but not in the most usable way, I’ve always just turned in one direction every time and it gets me through.

ROTH defaults to automatically selecting the inventory items you need, effectively autosolving puzzles by clicking on them twice. If you don’t want this, you have to switch it off with with F3.