Reply To: Thumbs down


First time playing and I am enjoying it, mostly.

The limit of monsters you can pick up at once bugs me a little, it makes for tricky micro-management.

Currently on map 7 (Wishvale), just cannot get past those two lightning traps. They utterly decimate my imps. Guess I can just send in imps until the traps are exhausted.

For advancement I learned these useful tips – just my observations, don’t assume I know what I’m talking about 😉

– Don’t bother with beetles or flies. Drop them on the portal to remove them from play, saving resources for better fighting creatures.

– For a “crush your opponent” strategy: a large lair and training areas to start. Once a creature is level 4 build a small library and put it on research. Don’t bother with workshops.

– Monsters fight best when rested. When most are level 4 I move them to the Lair for a bit. Some will go back to train or research, I sell these areas to force them to rest.

– The Call to Arms spell is most useful for coordinating large groups. It costs nothing when cast on your own tiles. Cast it in the Lair to grab their attention, then cast it further away toward your battle-ground.