Reply To: Thumbs down


I’m one of the ones who suggested this game and I’m so pleased it was chosen! I happened to be playing this in September (using Keeper FX for usability). I absolutely love this game. It has heaps of charm – the whole thing is soaked with the best Bullfrog humour and the art style is wonderful – it still looks great today. I also love the premise: laying waste to the good guys and ruining the beautiful, peaceful land is the reverse of most games from the era.
Another way this game reverses things is that rather than exploring land you make your own terrain by tunnelling-out the land, which is much more interesting than just revealing land covered by fog of war.
I agree with Pix – for me this is Bullfrog’s best game and surpasses Theme Hospital. I go back to both Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital periodically, but I would say I’ve had my best experiences with Dungeon Keeper in the past year.
I understand that it gets a bit repetitive, but for me that’s after 10-15 hours, which is longer than I manage to play most games for