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Catacomb 3D is a sequel to a an earlier top-down game by Id called simply “catacomb”, which is actually a pretty fun little ditty.
Problem was they kind of just translated everything directly from this to the 3D game, including level design. The maze-like levels and backtracking worked well enough in 2D, because you have a broad overview, but I agree it’s absolutely maddening in Catacomb 3D.

I much prefer the Catacomb Abyss. When Id parted ways with Softdisk, they left the Catacomb IP behind, and Softdisk made, in my opinion, a quite fun sequel with the same engine. (The other two in the series by Softdisk, Armageddon and Apocalypse went off the rails a bit I think)
The levels are more detailed and easier to navigate, the gameplay overall feels much less barebones, and I’ve always felt it has a pretty good atmosphere.
The turning is still a bit slow though…