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I’m using default controls, keyboard only.
I tend to switch between numpad and arrow keys depending on how I feel at the time. Also, on the machine I’m using, for some reason the left shift key doesn’t seem to have rollover, so unless I use right shift I stop running every time I press a few keys at a time.
This basically means I’ve defaulted to the same control scheme I used as a kid, with my hands smushed together under the nav cluster.

On the topic of mouse control for wolf3d, back in the day I always wondered how they recorded the demos for the game. If you watch the demos, they’ve got the precise, finely tuned movements of a mouse. But whenever I tried playing with a mouse, I found moving forward required a lot of stop/starting when the mouse reached the edge of the table and you had to pick it up and move it back, which the demos didn’t have.
It’s only much later in life that I realised they must have used a mouse/keyboard combo!

I’m playing an original, unmodified version, but my ideal scheme (if I’m ever not feeling too purist) would be for the left/right cursor keys to strafe, and the mouse to turn. As Martli has pointed out, I don’t think this is possible on my setup…