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I saw the first GTA played at a friend’s house, and was immediately hooked. A few month later, GTA 2 came out and I got my hands on that. GTA2 is certainly the game I spent the most time with, but after it, I went back to play the first part and had some fun with that one, too. When GTA3 came out, I did pay it, but never really warmed up to it. I mainly used to cheat and cause general mayham. That changed with Vice City, though. I really did enjoy that one almost equally to GTA2 (though I, too, prefer the 2D graphics). I also played quite a bit of San Andreas. GTA 4 however, I positively hated. The car physics in that one drove me insane (even though I hear people like them). GTA 5 I played when it was rereleased for the PS4 and liked it quite a bit, too. So my favorite GTA games are: GTA2, Vice City and GTA5 in that order (they also are the only ones I ever finished ^^)