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  • Tijn

    You might think “it’s a racing game, I can figure this out” but it’s worth checking out the controls for this game even if you do manage to find the throttle and the steering wheel.

    The thing is: you can repair your car at any time by pressing backspace. It costs a little money, but nothing you can’t earn back by driving over some cows. Also press Insert to reset, which is useful if you find yourself upside down or otherwise stuck.

    I also find C useful for switching the camera angle. Typically I play this from the chase cam, but especially when going into loopings it’s easier from first-person view inside the cockpit imho.

    Last but not least there’s TAB to toggle the map. Very useful to see where your opponents are!

    So there you go, those are my tips. If there are more useful key functions, please share!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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