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    This is a little-know action-adventure survival game developed by British team Andrew Spencer Studios and released by Psygnosis in 1994.

    Ecstatica is clearly inspired by Alone in the Dark series but is definitely not a clone. Aesthetically, the game uses ellipsoids instead of polygons which results in a unique feel and look. To my knowledge, this is the first game which uses this method. Ecstatica is a creepy game in a unique way; the atmosphere, the monsters (which used to be village animals), and the sound. It’s strange and very very difficult and certainly not without flaws.

    I think that this game has enough content for an episode of Dos Game Club. I end this post by a quote from Wikipedia:

    Computer Gaming World nominated Ecstatica as its 1994 “Adventure of the Year”, although it lost to Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure. The editors praised wrote of Ecstatica, “The offbeat characters and unusual storyline mesh with the racy humor to form an adventure of a different feather.”

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