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  • vext01


    Another game that’s stuck in my memory since my childhood is F-19 Stealth Fighter.

    My friend and I used to play the DOS version of this game in his Dad’s office when we were kids. It’s a single-player game, but we used to play co-operatively, with one of us being the “main pilot” (doing the steering and shooting), and the other doing all of the navigation computer bits.

    The game probably deviates from the formula of most flight sims, which (I guess) either fall into “pure navigation simulators”, or “combat simulators”. F-19 is about stealth. You are expected to fly low to minimise your radar footprint, and if you skim the manual, it even details how you should approach different kinds of radars to avoid detection.

    You also cannot go in to your missions guns-blazing. Each mission has a pre-defined set of “rules of engagement” which often say you are only allowed to attack specific targets. Deviation from the rules is met with a reduced score.

    A nice touch is that when you start a game for the first time, you create a pilot profile, which you build up over time, earning a score and medals for your achievements. Be careful though, because as soon as you die, you cannot use that profile any more. If you think you are about to crash you can hit shift+F10 to eject and have a chance of saving your pilot, but you also risk being captured by the enemy!

    One for the club?

    (The blurb above is derived from a phlog post I wrote a few months back: gopher://theunixzoo.co.uk/1/phlog/2019/2019-03-26-f19-stealth-fighter/)


    Totally, F-19 is the second in the series. It was preceded by F-15, and followed by F-117 which was an improvement in all aspects.


    That is the very first boxed game I remember receiving as a kid. I really enjoyed it! I think this (and other microprose flight games) could be maybe a combo episode one month.


    God I miss f117. It was so good. I can still picture that damn game. It felt so realistic as a kid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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