Great choice

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  • MattBurton

    Great choice, sirs/ma’ams

    And hello everyone! Joining the club from Finland after listening the podcasts for some time now.

    Syndicate was one of the first (if not the first) RTS’s I ever played on my beloved 486 SX25 IBM, I’m guessing around 1994. The game came along Sound Blaster 16 sound card that we updated our machine with, and I played the hell out of it although not completely grasping its finesse at the time. I was fascinated by its brutal and relentless atmosphere, but also of its grim dystopian, cyberpunk aesthetic.

    I’ve occasionally replayed Syndicate since and even addressed it in my blog (in Finnish) , which also celebrates 90’s gaming.

    So I am down for another replay this May!


    Hi MattBurton, welcome! Great that you’re a Syndicate fan! Really looking forward to this myself. I only ever had a 286, so I was playing it on a friend’s pc until I returned to DOS on my own computers later in life.
    I totally agree with what you say about its dystopian atmosphere – that was very appealing to me too.
    And like you I’ve found this game to be one I come back to revisit often, probably more than a lot of DOS games I play.
    If you ever want to chat more about the game, I’m on the club’s irc channel most days.


    It was a first original game I ever bought. It was way back in post-communism Poland, and there was no instance of “shops with video games”. People mostly traded copies of copies. Somehow in one computer shop there was this big, green box, and me and my brother just picked it up not even knowing what gem we’re buying!

    I remember installing it nervously from 7 (probably) floppies…

    And even despite the fact that for some reason we had no sfx, only music, up to this day it’s my brother favorite game of all time. <3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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