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  • sorceress

    Hey Dos Gamers o/

    I decided to play through this game while watching Tijn’s awesome playthrough on saturday. A few times I managed to get far ahead of him, only to get stuck myself on other parts where he caught up to me.

    Without his video I doubt I would have got the sausages, nor the red gem.

    I decided to try a speedrun today. The latter half of the game is fairly linear, but there are plenty of places where the run can be optimised. My speedrun sequence is below, but there may be a better order:

    /* there be SPOILERS here */

    coast: get bottle, get water
    hut: get wood, get paddle, open door. get knife, put out fire, climb chimney, get pump, press button, get quest.
    big tree: get stone, sharpen knife
    right of big tree: cut bark, get rubber
    volcano: get clover
    left of jungle: talk to dunlop about inhabitants (unlocks later skeleton dialogue), fix pump, get boat
    coast: inflate boat, combine paddle with boat, set sail
    island: shake tree, get coconut, get anchor, talk to skeleton to get red gem

    hut: get RED scroll
    big tree: use scroll, press level, enter tree, get vine, talk to bird, get leaf
    right of big tree: flatter orchid, get scented leaf, use leaf

    hut: get BLUE scroll
    jungle: use scroll on weird tree, jump to get sausages.
    beach: combine vine with anchor, combine that with sausages, use on beach palm, try to leave the beach
    shark: get tooth, use tooth

    hut: get GREEN scroll
    cape: use scroll, get boulder
    underwater: get chest, get pearl, use pearl, use boulder
    big tree: enter tree and drop chest. go down and get blue gem.

    hut: get WHITE scroll
    volcano: use wood, enter dragon temple, insert gems red left/blue right. exit right door
    crater: use scroll 4, use hammer on wall
    room: apologise -> end sequence

    My time was 19m38s, which included reading some of the dialogue, exiting a screen on the wrong side a couple of times, and managing game saves. (I accidentally ate the sausages and had to reload).

    edit: second attempt was 18m42s to the first ‘the end’ or 19m17s to the second ‘the end’.

    The game is a bit confusing at times.It’s not always clear what to do or where to go, or knowing if an action has made progress or softlocked the game.

    But it is nonetheless an enjoyable experience for a couple of hours, and is impressive for two teenagers to have put together. 🙂


    Very fun project to see how fast we can get this done!

    The best (and only) time on is 14m23 😮

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