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  • sorceress

    I remember playing this bizarre/dystopian adventure game back in the late 90s. I found it quite enjoyable in my youth, though I never managed to complete it.

    Might be fun to play through it for DGC?


    Oooh, I remember looking at the box of this game in the store. I never played it though, as I never ended up buying it.

    I would love to check it out now!


    I play it every couple years always injoy it


    I have it boxed. It was about 3 euros in the local game store, and I couldn’t pass it after playing it without the cutscenes from one of the piracy CDs. You really miss a lot of the story that way, and had me confused immensely as a young boy.

    It’s an interesting take on the point and click adventure game by introducing a doom-like technology fps viewpoint. Full motion cutscenes with “cutting edge” 3d animation.

    Id like to bump this game because it’s obscure, rediculous and frankly, quite entertaining.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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