Space Quest 5

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  • Tijn

    After SQ4 had left me a bit disappointed, my expectations for any of the upcoming Space Quest games were quite low. I also knew SQ5 isn’t made by the same team as the previous games, so really how good could this be?

    Well, turns out, I actually had a pretty good time with this one! It’s very different than any of the previous games, but that’s alright. It’s essentially a big spoof on Star Trek, but I thought it all worked surprisingly well.

    While some of the puzzles might not be the most obvious in the world, in general it flowed very nicely and I was never stuck for too long. I found the whole game quite compelling from the start and my attachment only grew as the story unfolded.

    It’s not a particularly great narrative, but still establishes enough elements to keep me more than engaged. There’s a problem to be solved, a girl to be rescued, a villain to be beaten and lots of challenges along the way to make me feel smart. What more could you want from an adventure game, really?

    It might be a bit of a standout entry in the series, and perhaps not the best Space Quest game ever made, but certainly a very enjoyable point & click space game in my book!


    I’m with you on SQ5. I’m a lot less familiar with it than the first four in the series. I think I played through quickly with a walkthrough many years back but I didn’t have any real memories of it prior to this month. It’s probably the one I’ve enjoyed the most which isn’t what I expected at all. Part of that may just be that it’s essentially a new game to me but it’s more than that as I’m not liking SQ6 anywhere near as much. I appreciate the constant parody humour and the puzzle design in SQ5. I’ve enjoyed all the Dynamix adventures I’ve played when I think about it, I think Sierra killed their adventure gaming development when SQ5 didn’t do as well but they deserved better.

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