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  • Avi Hayun
    Avi Hayun

    Hi All,

    1. I really suggest reading/hearing the book “Masters of Doom” it will give you a totally new aspect of the game and you will look at it differently after it.

    2. Use “Commander Genius” to play the games easily nowdays. (windows app)

    You will be able to play the games easily and it ENHANCES the graphics and sound !!

    3. You should really install Keen Dreams for Android, it costs about 1$ and it is totally worth it, even if you won’t like the game it will support the “super fighter team” which have a big impact on the restoration of retro games.

    4. After you finish Keen dreams, feel free to install the free commander genius for Android and play all Commander Keen games for free on your Android.

    5. Thank you John Carmack and Romero for these amazing games!

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