Master of Magic

Who likes turn based strategy games? WE DO! But we think we're not alone in that.

Simtex' 1994 4X classic Master of Magic is seen by many as one of the hidden gems of the genre often compared to "Civilization with Magic", but does that hold up? Or is it actually more than that? We're discussing this and many more questions with a few veterans and a newcomer to the game.

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this episode are Oddvar ("dollarone") and HP ("HPLoveGames"). FatherBeast has sent such an extensive voice message, that we consider him the fifth participant in this episode, haha.

Now let's get ready to cast a Wall of Darkness and conquer Arcanus and Myrran together!

[ download mp3 ] (126 mins, 101 MB)


* DGC member Pix has provided us again with scans of reviews from his UK magazine collection

* Seravy's Sanctuary website of the creator of Caster of Magic, the official Master of Magic DLC released in 2019

* Realms Beyond forums hosting much of what's happening in the world of modding and community patching

* The Digital Antiquarian has a great article about the game and some of the background on how it came to be

01 Mar 2021

2 Replies to “Master of Magic”

HPLovegames says:

Trying a different microphone setup if I join again. I had a bad case of “mouth noises.” XD

Tijn says:

Haha, nah it’s fine imho. Thanks for joining and we’d love to have you again!

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