Skiing Games

How many Skiing games are there for DOS? We don't know for sure, but we believe the number is 13. And we tried them all!

There are some that probably everybody knows about, like The Games: Winter Challenge, even though people probably thought that game was actually called "Winter Games". Far from it though, that's an entirely different one! Crazy huh? Yeah, we thought the same. But there are also games, probably very few people ever heard about, like "ורדית בהרפתקאה חדשה באליפות הגלישה", a game advertising chocolates to Israeli kids using a skiing cow!

Joining hosts Florian ("rnlf") and Martijn ("Tijn") for this episode are Richard ("Pix"), and Björn ("TigerQuoll"). Also contributing is DGC member Watchful who sent a voice message.


[ download mp3 ] (106 mins, 85 MB)

For reference, here's the full list of games we talk about in this episode:

  • Winter Games, by Epyx
  • Winter Challenge: World Class Competition, by Tynesoft
  • Ski or Die, by Electronic Arts
  • Downhill Challenge/Super Ski, Super Ski 2 and Super Ski 3, by Microïds
  • The Games: Winter Challenge, by Ballistic
  • Winter Olympics: Lillehammer 94
  • Vardit BeHarpatka Hadasha BeAlifut HaGlisha ("ורדית בהרפתקאה חדשה באליפות הגלישה"), by Multimedia KID
  • Ski King and Ski King 2, by Axe Productions
  • Ski Jump International
  • Deluxe Ski Jump

31 Jan 2021

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