Revision Party 2019

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This is a DOS Game Club Extra Special Episode. You see, recently we held our first DOS Game Club Meetup, as we went to the Revision Party 2019 in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. Exciting!

Revision is a demoscene party, which means they have a stage with a big screen and speakers on which all sorts of cool demos, intros, videos, games, music and lots more is being shown. All of the content is created by the people attending the event. What's especially cool about Revision is that they have categories for oldskool systems, so our DOS stuff fits right in!

Of course we did try to make our own demo running in DOS and submit it to the event, but sadly it turns out making a cool demo is *a lot* of work and we couldn't quite manage to finish it in time. We did make some progress though, so we're not abandoning it. We'll continue to work on it and hopefully show it next year.

It was great fun to meet some of the DOS Game Club members in real life for the first time! In total we were with the five of us: Ynze ("bitrot"), Mike ("toasty"), Marwane ("wan"), Florian ("rnlf") and Martijn ("Tijn"). We had a great time hanging out together, checking out all the cool demos, talking to people about DOS and last but not least play a bunch of DOS LAN games.

On Sunday morning we recorded a quick podcast at the apartment where some of us were staying. The first one ever where we're all in the same room! Sadly the room was also a bit echo-y and we only brought 2 microphones, so the sound quality isn't the best. We hope you still have fun listening to it, because we had a lot of fun being there and recording this!

[ download mp3 ] (27 mins, 22 MB)


Revision 2019 entrance
Revision 2019!
Revision 2019 inside area
The main hall, with the big screen, about 1,000 attendants and almost as many wifi networks
Revision 2019 outside area
The Revision outside area was pretty cool too
Revision 2019 live shader coding
Apart from showing demos, there was also a live shader coding competition going on
DOS Game Club T-shirt
We made our own DOS Game Club T-shirts. Maybe we should start offering merch?
A bunch of network cables connected to a switch
So turns out playing games over wifi with so much interference from other wifis is actually not so great. Good thing Florian brought a switch!
Blood running on a laptop
Our March game, Blood, is one of the games we played over the network. Lots of fun! Look out for our episode on Blood soon.
The rules at Revision prohibit playing games
On the last day of the event, we actually read the rules and... oh

02 May 2019

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DJ_HiP says:

What a great episode, after all the virtual podcasts for you all to catch up in person and share the experience, no matter the audio quality it was great to feel the laughter in the room ­čÖé

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