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Oh my, we're running late a bit 😮 But the good news is: we've got a new podcast episode for you all! In March we like to play big first person shooters and for this year we played Blood, the 1997 cultist shooter by Monolith Productions.

To discuss this game, your regular hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") sat down with DOS Game Club member Tim ("spacefarer") and DOS Nostalgic Anatoly. Blood is one of Anatoly's favourite games, so he could tell us all about what makes this game so great.


[ download mp3 ] (100 mins, 80 MB)


This voice message was sent to us by DGC member Adam ("Pseudo C"), but sadly got lost before we could include it in the show. So here it is by itself. Thanks Adam!

[ download mp3 ] (4 mins, 2 MB)


* DOS Game Club member Richard ("pix") scanned some UK magazine reviews of Blood

* Anatoly made a video in which he opens his physical copies of Blood

* Since we recorded this podcast, a new version of Blood was released, called Blood: Fresh Supply. We talk a little bit about it in the episode. You can find it on Steam and GOG

* We also talk about some other source ports you can use to play Blood on modern systems. The most notable ones are BuildGDX and NBlood

22 May 2019

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Corgibuttz says:

Perfect length! 😉

Also, how dare you defile my memory of Shogo! I remember it being fun! Now I have to go back and see if I was just being a stupid teenager! Gobbling up any video game w/ an anime aesthetic and never questioning the quality haha

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