The Aching

You're in some sort of cave. A red light eminates from the northern wall, while a green light pours in from the cave's exit. This is Azra, a strange far away world where many dangers loom. You are an acolyte of the Scarlet Lady's Red Court, and have no memory of how you ended up in this cave. But while the game's world and characters are mysterious, the presentation is instantly recognisable as that of a 1980s Sierra adventure game. However, this DOS game isn't 35 years old... it's brand new!

In July we took a look at The Aching, a parser-based graphic adventure game released in 2023 by Hadrosaurus Software. Don't be fooled by its release date however, this is an authentic DOS game that has no trouble running on a Tandy 1000. Definitely something we're interested in!

In this episode hosts Martijn (Tijn) and Florian (rnlf) are joined by two guests to discuss this game. First of all there's Shawn (DJ_HiP), returning from the Stunts episode, and who is completely new to the world of adventure games. Secondly we have Mike (Zerfall), who is a true veteran of the genre growing up on classic Sierra games, and has YouTube and Twitch channels where he looks at old games.

We also got a voice message by TheLobdegg, creator of The Aching, about other modern DOS games.


[ download mp3 ] (116 mins, 132 MB)

We once again got lots of help from DGC member console with editing this episode. Many thanks to him and all who make this show possible!


* The Aching on and Steam

* DGC episode 84 is an interview with the Hadrosaurus Software devs

* YouTube video by Zerfall and MysteriousJG exploring the latest content patch for The Aching

* YouTube video by Martijn playing through The Aching before the content patch was released

* Day of the Tentacle comes up in the podcast, which we discussed in DGC episode 54

* Other modern DOS games that are mentioned: Gold Mine Run! by JJM/Reidrac and Barren Planet by Cyningstan

* New: we're now accepting donations through Ko-Fi

13 Nov 2023

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