Day of the Tentacle

Well, you know what they say: "If you want to save the world, you gotta push a few old ladies down the stairs" - and that's exactly what we did!

Join us as we save the world from the evil Purple Tentacle in LucasArts' 1993 absolute masterpiece Day of the Tentacle. This is not a hidden gem at all: this game is considered by many to be one of the best point and click adventure games of all time.

Step one. Find plans. Step two. Save world. Step three. Listen to this podcast episode!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this episode are Oddvar ("dollarone"), Nick ("f2bnp") and Martin ("Srandista"). HP ("HPLoveGames), Mark ("rambutaan") and John ("Shattered") gave us their opinion on the game in some very cool voice messages.

[ download mp3 ] (182 mins, 146 MB)


* Lucas design documents including Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island and many more

* How Maniac Mansion got ported to the NES by Douglas Crockford

* Why Adventure Games Suck, written in 1989 by Ron Gilbert and became the foundation for the "Lucas style" adventure game format

* Return of the Tentacle a free fan-made game set in the world of Day of the Tentacle

* DOTT world record speedrun by Scar4manga, who beats the game in under 17 minutes

03 Apr 2021

2 Replies to “Day of the Tentacle”

HPLovegames says:

The 900 number for LucasArts game help was actually a computerized system where you would dial various numbers to navigate a menu, so any naughty European children who found the number didn’t have to worry about calling a closed office. And, because you had to navigate an extensive menu, the charges would rack up.

Tijn says:

Haha, that’s good to know. Still a shame I never had to pleasure to experience this. Although I’m sure the European gaming magazines were happy these helplines weren’t a thing.

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