Interview: Hadrosaurus Software

Making commercial games for DOS nowadays is not a good business model, right? Hadrosaurus Software is hard at work proving this claim to be totally wrong. Their games Acronia and The Aching (which we played in July) are getting a lot of attention from the DOS gaming community, and rightfully so, we think.

Company founder Clarissa and The Aching creator Tamsin were so kind to take the time to talk to us about DOS game development from a technical, business and personal perspective and shared some interesting and funny anecdotes.


[ download mp3 ] (101 mins, 116 MB)

We got help from DGC member console, who helped us out with editing this episode. Many thanks to him and all who make this show possible!


* Hadrosaurus website

* The Aching content patch dev log

* DGC episode 41 on DOS Games Jam

* RetroTech Chris on YouTube

* RAD Tracker by 3eality

10 Nov 2023

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