DOS Games Jam & modern DOS Culture

It is the year 2020 and yet, some of us are still fascinated by an operating system that hasn't been updated in nearly 20 years. In this episode we are trying to answer the question "why"?

That DOS is still relevant today is demonstrated by the success of DOS Games Jam - a game jam dedicated to the style of DOS games. 123 games have been submitted to this jam, all of which are either inspired by old DOS games or are even DOS games themselves.

We are also taking a look at other things that are going on in the modern world of DOS. New commercial games, new hardware and productivity software are still being made as well as development tools and various emulators that allow us to enjoy the games of the past with absolute ease.

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* DOS Games Jam

* Haunted PS1 demo disc

* DGJ entry: StellarRoads

* DGJ entry: Kalevala

* DGJ entry: SlipSpeed

* DGJ entry: Witchy Workshop

* DGJ entry: Capax Astra

* DGJ entry: Acronia

* MiniLD 52: The Retro Challenge

* MiniLD 71: The Retro Challenge

* MS-DOS on Github

* FreeDOS

* DOSBox + forks

* ScummVM

* LoveDOS: create 2D games in Lua

* Tapegro: create DOS games in Javascript

* RAD Tracker v2


20 May 2020

2 Replies to “DOS Games Jam & modern DOS Culture”

Spoonboy says:

Great episode!
An good idea was mentioned (by Martijn, I think). That is, to maybe devote an episode to DOSBox? I’m sure it has an interesting history, and maybe we could get interviews with the people that made this amazing tool we use so much!
I can add it to the suggestion forum if it sounds like a good idea.

Tijn says:

Thanks! Yeah, that does seem like a cool idea, wouldn’t it? Definitely something we’ll keep in mind!

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