Hello Dostalgicians!

We still haven't quite caught up with our schedule, but we're getting there. One step along the way is this episode in which we discuss Parallax Software's 1995 hit game Descent - the game we played back in March.

Martijn and Florian are joined by Elias ("pumpuli"), Rami ("JikissGamer") and Jonathan ("microwerx") in an attempt to save earth from an alien computer virus by blowing up asteroids. Sounds crazy? Sure, but it's also a lot of fun.

[ download mp3 ] (120 mins, 96 MB)


* UK magazine reviews of Descent scanned in by DGC member Pix

* DXX-Rebirth: Modern source port for Descent and Descent II

* Descent and Descent II on Mobygames

10 Jun 2020

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