Theme Hospital

Hi fellow DOS fans!

Remember us? We used to make podcasts about DOS games, haha. It wasn't easy to schedule this episode about Theme Hospital, the game we played back in July. But we've pulled through and here it is!

Sadly Florian ("rnlf") isn't joining us for this one, as he's away on holiday and also moving house. Who did make it onto the episode are our regular host Martijn ("Tijn"), joined by returning DGC member Phil ("PixelProphecy") who has never played the game before, and new DGC member Edd ("vext01") who played this game as a kid back when it originally came out.


[ download mp3 ] (98 mins, 79 MB)


* Peter Molyneux talks at GDC about the origins of Bullfrog Productions

* CorsixTH, open source modern reimplementation of Theme Hospital

* DGC member Richard ("Pix") scanned some of his old UK game magazines, with contemporary reviews of Theme Hospital

30 Sep 2019

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Spacefarer says:

This was a very entertaining episode, especially the story about how Bullfrog was founded.

To be honest, just hearing Peter Molyneux’s name has me in fits of laughter. I have a friend who keeps buying his games, hoping against hope they’re going to be the next Black and White. Might as well wait for Half-Life 3…

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