UFO: Enemy Unknown


We're back with another podcast, and this is a big one! We're discussing the game we played in August, which was UFO: Enemy Unknown, known in North America as X-Com: UFO Defense.

As in our previous episode, regular co-host Florian ("rnlf") had to miss this one due to his holiday and moving house. Luckily everything is settled now, so he should be back for future episodes like normal.

Now that doesn't mean that our host Martijn ("Tijn") has to discuss this game alone, because thankfully there's no shortage of club members who are willing to be on the show. Joining this time are returning guests Jozef ("yozy") and Tyler ("corgibuttz"), accompanied by first-timer Matthew ("Canageek").

Also DGC member David ("EvilCommieDictator") was kind enough to send us a voice message.

Now it turns out UFO / X-Com is a big game, so we had a lot to say about it, resulting in an episode that's almost 2.5 hours long. Have fun!

[ download mp3 ] (146 mins, 117 MB)


* Talk by X-Com game designer Julian Gollop at GDC 2013 about the game

* DGC member Richard ("pix") scanned some contemporary UK magazine reviews of X-Com

* OpenXcom is a modern reimplementation of the original game with several enhancements and mod support.

* UFOpeadia is a great wiki with all sorts of X-Com resources, which has been running for a very long time.

* ADG #98 about X-Com by Pixelmusement / Kris Asick

* A cool collection of X-Com sound effects and music, recorded from various hardware

23 Oct 2019

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Evil Taco says:

Ack! I should’ve thought of leaving a voice message. Looking forward to listening to the episode!

Ripley says:

Mike / Clerb / Toasty. ripleys back. please get in contact

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