Knights of the Sky


In June we played Knights of the Sky, an excellent World War 1-themed 3D flight simulator, released in 1990, both developed and published by the mighty Microprose.

This game was suggested by new DGC member David ("evilcommiedictator"), who used to watch his dad play this game when he was young and later played it himself as well. Despite the large time difference between him in Australia and us in Europe, we managed to get him onto the podcast, talking about this great game with hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf").

Have fun!

[ download mp3 ] (75 mins, 60 MB)


* Designer notes, from the back of the manual of Knights of the Sky, by the game's designer Jeff Briggs

* List of games Jeff Briggs worked on in various roles

* Computer Gaming World issue 79 (Feb 1991), review of Knights of the Sky starts on page 68

16 Aug 2019

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